Monday, 23 August 2010

Holiday update

We are 9 weeks into our 12 week school holiday. The outside temperature still averages at about 42C - the radio weather station is on repeat: "hot and sunny" everyday. The only change is in the humidity: moderate or high... We are also into the second week of Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, which in the UAE means no public eating, drinking or smoking during daylight hours. All of this means Dubai is not the most exciting place to be at the moment! Children has to be entertained indoors, and with most friends away ...

it looks like this most of the time..

The boys did get to spend two and a half weeks with their cousins in Western Australia, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They are both used to flying internationally but this was the first time they did it without parents, and it went very well! They consider themselves seasoned travellers now...

While they were away I repainted their bedrooms. This month marks the sixth year in Dubai and in this house - the longest we've ever been in one house - so some revamping is in order.

Blue for one room...

...and green for the other room.

The staircase also got a new coat of paint. It still needs some decorating which will hopefully happen in the next few weeks.

Look - there's an angel on the landing!

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