Wednesday 20 April 2011

Haberdashery Souk 2

Let me show you what the shops at the haberdashery souk look like on the inside:

This one only sells trimming.  Floor to ceiling.  Trimmings.

This one looks like nothing at all from the outside.  We almost didn't even go in.  But wow!  what a treasure trove.  This is the ground floor space as seen from the door.

The stairs going into the basement.  It is lined with beads.

The stairs going to the first floor. More beautiful things.

A few of the shops as seen from the street. No hint of what is going on inside.

Another shop front.

The button wall.  Part of it.

Sample sheets of what is hidden in all the boxes.  It is impossible to display everything, although some shop keepers surely try.

The floor of one of the shops.  It is made up of display boxes covered by plexiglass.   It is too wonderful!

Just in case you feel you have to go there immediately, I marked it on the map for you. Print it out and take it with you.  If you are unfamiliar with Dubai, start from the Gold Souk, (all taxi drivers know where that is) and just walk the two blocks down the street to the area marked on the map. The intersection  marked with the arrow is c/o 107 Al Sabkha Road and Sikkat Al Khail Road.  Start there and just browse the whole area.

Happy shopping!  


Shabnam Pathak said...

Hi Sol, I cannot thank you enough for pin pointing this location. I've been to Deira twice before and manage to get lost everytime. Plus the long trip from Barsha does take some motivation but thanks to your map I can hardly wait to go again. Thank you again!

Unknown said...

I'm glad it is helpful to you, Shabnam. Let me know how it went.

BusyBeingHappy said...

hello ansie! thank you for this very informative entry. do you know if they have this type of flower accessory? if not, do you know were I can get it? here's the photo..



Unknown said...

Hello Ansie!can you give the telephone number of this shop? thanks

Unknown said...

Sorry Julia, I don't have the phone number. You will just have to go find them - it is worth the adventure!

salma said...

i've just stumbled across your blog.. it is super helpful!
I know it was written a while back so just wondering. are the shops still there, and if so on the map you've put up is it in the circle area above where you have written Haberdashery souq

Unknown said...

Hi Salma
I don't live in Dubai anymore, so can't say for sure, but I don't think anything has changed since I've been there.
It is not a marked/signposted area, it is just a collection of shops. The secret is to go to the area marked in the circle and just start browsing. Don't be put off by the outside appearance of the shops - just go in, the treasures are all inside.
Just go on an adventure and see what you discover!