Wednesday 20 April 2011

Haberdashery Souk 1

The Haberdashery Souk is an area in Deira, Dubai, where the streets are lined with textile and haberdashery shops.  

The shops are filled from floor to ceiling with trimmings, lace, ribbon, buttons, beads and all sorts of add-ons a needlework lover would adore.

They also sell sewing tools, pins, needles, scissors and anything else you can think of.

They sell wholesale and retail, but the smallest you can go is a roll of trimmings or a bag of buttons/beads.  They don't sell by the yard or one-offs.

 Most items are imported from Asia:  India, China and Thailand seems to be the major sources.

 I cannot walk through this area without buying at least one several items without any plan or project in mind. Surely I will find the perfect use for a roll of trimming / a bag of buttons / a spool of ribbon?

Isn't this wonderful?

And this..

and this...

In the next post I'll show you what the shops themselves look like.


Anonymous said...

i am looking for knitting and crocheting accessories in dubai .needles etc

Unknown said...

If you are in Dubai, you can try Craftland in the Jumeirah Town Centre. Magrudy's also sell knitting needles and yarn.

comelyhands said...

Hello, i have a craft/haberdashery shop in Ibadan, Nigeria, where can i get the lowest prices in Dubai, i plan coming there by end august.

Unknown said...

Hi Comelyhands

If you have a look at my next post "haberdashery souks 2" you will find a map of the part of Deira where these shops are located. They all sell retail and wholesale. If you buy in big consignments I am sure they will be willing to negotiate on prices.
Hope this helps. If not please contact me again.
BTW I had a look at your website - your jewelry is really amazing!

Samya said...

hi Ansie,

I read ur post,i just want to make a correction, the first 8 pictures of laces in haberdashery souk 1 are all pakistani laces, these are used in styling shirts and dresses.

gagawaga said...

Do they sell faux crystal beads for making one of these?

Unknown said...

Hi Gagawaga

I have not seen it there but I now the Crystal House in Al-Hana Centre, Satwa (on Al Mankool Road) might have some. they have a great selection of crystals. I have also seen glass droplets, like the ones used for chandeliers, in Dragon Mart. I don't know the name of the shop but is close to the pearl shops. Hope that helps.!

Haberdashery said...

I've been there and the place is really awesome because of the stuffs you an buy, specially the haberdashery items.